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Iced GemsIcedgems Bakery: Organic European Taste, In a Old American Town!

Let me take you to a place, in a small town, where the cupcakes are baked fresh daily, and the bakers and cashiers sell you delish sweets with warm stories to go along with them for free!

Welcome to Icedgems. Nestled in the heart of old Riesterstown, Maryland, enticing all who pass by, to come inside with the lingering smells of goodness wafting from the bakery windows.

Icedgems, offers a wide range, of gourmet, organic sweets to satisfy even the pickiest of appetities.

And with prices fair, and selections many, you will easily find yourself leaving with two dozen of their scrumptious cupcakes alone!

Iced gems offers seasonal pies, wedding themed desserts and cakes, artisianed desserts, low fat rice krispies treats of various themes and flavors, cake pops, truffle desserts, cupcakes in regular and mini sizes, cookies, gourmet teas and more!

And with every dessert bursting at its floured seams with flavor, your sure to become a frequentor of Icedgems establishment, no matter where you live, for many years to come!


                                                                                   Taneshia Franklin Grewal.

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Tasty Turkey Recipes


Maple Roasted Turkey with Sage, Smoked Bacon and Cornbread StuffingThe Thanksgiving turkey is the centerpiece of your holiday spread and has the potential to be the most-remembered component of the feast, so when it comes to picking a recipe to help you make the bird, you want one you can trust. That’s where Brick House Body Entertainment by way of The Food Network comes in. Stick to these classic, tried-and-true recipes to transform your turkey into a holiday showstopper — best of all, each is a can-do pick from one of your favorite chefs, like Anne Burrell, Alton Brown and Bobby Flay. Read on below to get their top turkey recipes, then visit Thanksgiving Central for more holiday inspiration.

5. Big, Brined Herby Turkey — The secret to Anne’s super-moist bird is her brining method. She lets the turkey chill in a salt water-herb bath for three days so the meat has a chance to absorb flavor before it cooks.

4. Good Eats Roast Turkey — With a 5-star rating and nearly 5,000 user reviews, Alton’s no-fail turkey is the ultimate in Thanksgiving simplicity. After brining the bird, he roasts it first at 500 degrees F so it develops a golden-brown exterior, then lowers the temperature as the meat turns moist and finishes cooking.

3. Memphis Fried Turkey — Follow the Neelys’ lead and put a down-home spin on Thanksgiving this year with the help of their deep-fried turkey. This impressive bird boasts a bold spice rub and extra-crispy skin.

2. Black Pepper-Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Turkey — Since Bobby’s tangy glaze with mustard and pomegranate molasses contains sugars that can burn if cooked too long, Bobby waits until the last 15 minutes of cooking to brush it on the meat.

1. Maple-Roasted Turkey with Sage, Smoked Bacon and Cornbread Stuffing — Thanks to a bacon blanket on top of the skin and a fresh herb butter beneath it, there’s no shortage of flavor in Tyler’s crowed-pleasing turkey (pictured above). He stuffs the bird with cornbread-onion stuffing, roasts it for a few hours and serves the dish alongside lemon-scented gravy for an indulgent finish.