Momma's Babies, Poppa's Maybe??

Published by: Kat spice on 14th Jun 2014 | View all blogs by Kat spice
When will we as human beings realize that it takes more than one individual to successfully raise children? I am not speaking on single parents who have been forced into the issue through circumstances beyond their control like death, drug addiction or the other parent blatantly refusing to play a part in the child's life. The parents who spitefully restrict visitation and wage emotional war on the parent in opposition, for whatever the personal reason is, should really consider what they are doing to the kids. Many kids feel torn between choosing one parent or the other and some even feel responsible for the turmoil. Don't get me wrong there are instances where parents are toxic to their children and in the cases where they are doing more harm than good, visitation should be restricted until this person has matured enough to offer some type of positive influence. The children are our future and the way they observe how you treat people will affect how they treat others.  This is not just a parenting issue but a moral issue that will be embedded in their subconscious, often without knowledge until well into adult years. Some parents opt to stay together even if they despise the other parent just for the sake of the kids. This is an awesome sacrifice, just be sure that the opposition doesn't spill into the air, too often as kids see this and sometimes actually use it to their advantage and then you have created a manipulator. Parenting doesn't come with instructions but it is never too late to change as a person for the betterment of yourself and your kids.  If you are a parent who is guilty of lashing out at the other parent for your own personal reasons then it is time you start acting like an adult. Too often parents rely on "do as I say" when they will always "do as you do". It is natural for kids to mimic their parents. The more aware you are of this, the less likely you are to be erratic in their presence. Be thankful that the other parent is still alive and able to be a part of the child's life because some others aren't so lucky. Salute to ALL the parents that actively participate in their child's life.home-image.jpg



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