Like Really?

Published by: TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee on 3rd Jul 2014 | View all blogs by TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee
image.jpgSince when did it become legal to threaten a race in any fashion? Pun intended. Recently it came to my attention that a blonde bubble head took a picture in a shirt labeled kill black babies? The picture has caused a huge stir as it went viral on Facebook and viewers went nuts!! 
The t shirt merely reflects what most  non African Americans are thinking, and whether they say it or not, most feel the world would be a much better place without black people in it. 
The simple question is why? Why does white people ( not all but majority ) hate black people so much, that they would hate them to extinction? 
Why is it that the black man and woman despised more so than any other race, despite all races possessing and doing horrible acts and deeds and possessing just as bad if not worse behavioral patterns toward fellow mankind.? 
Why wish us to death my melanin deficient friend?  More importantly what is your profession? Because if you feel this way about black people anyone black that you work for or around, are in jeopardy! 
You and your way of thinking, woman in the picture, is what's wrong with America! And thinkers like you are the true things needed extermination off this planet. 
And by the way your shirt sucks ! 



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