Legalizing Weed Was The Best Thing Denver Ever Did!

Published by: TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee on 4th Jul 2014 | View all blogs by TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee
Six months on, Colorado’s marijuana shops are mushrooming, with support from local consumers, weed tourists and federal government taking a wait-and-see attitude.

Tax dollars are pouring in, crime is down in Denver, and few of the early concerns about social breakdown have materialized – at least so far.

“The sky hasn’t fallen, but we’re a long way from knowing the unintended consequences,” said Andrew Freeman, director of marijuana coordination for Colorado. “This is a huge social and economic question.”

In the first four months, marijuana sales amounted to more than $202 million, about a third of them recreational. Taxes from recreational sales were almost $11 million.

So further down the line, we are still seeing that the benefits outweight the risks. Hell they've only had two deaths attributed to this and anybody who knows anything about pot will tell you that those people died of idiocy, not pot smoking. I would also venture a guess there were more than 2 alcohol or other drug related deaths in the same time frame.

In any case, crime is down, revenue is up.



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