Blog Comment To: You Like Men Or Nah?

Published by: Kat spice on 4th Jun 2014 | View all blogs by Kat spice
Tasha : A lot of women who only deal with the "Get Money Type" know them men be booty bandits. They are so thirsty for the money that they either ignore it or just don't care. I'm in a relationship with two men whom are both together behind closed doors but with me in pubic. We have sex and sometimes all together. It's actually a turn on to see them go at each other. They take care of me and my children. They have done more for my children than either of their sperm donors have. I live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood my kids attend great schools and they want for nothing. For who ever reads this, don't judge me, at least I know who they are having sex with and that we are all safe. For them women who give me odd looks when I'm out with the guys and they both show me all the attention, it is you that I feel sorry for. Give your man the option to be open and honest and just maybe they will. I like that this site has important issues and I can tell my side of the story. I haven't watched Bad boy videos before but I will now. Will you please read this so everyone will know there is other ways around this down low mess.
 What is your thoughts on this??  



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