Are you ladies really surprised or nah?

Published by: TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee on 4th Jun 2014 | View all blogs by TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee
For a while now guys have been choosing to pick their male counterparts for company over there women, children and work. I find it no shock that any city where the incarceration rate is high, has also a high downlow community as well as a high HIV rate to go along with it.

We must understand that once someone is familiar with something, they will continue to do it. So if a man was getting down with another man in jail or prison, best believe that man is still going to get down when he gets free.
And most times this is regardless to whether he has access to a female or not.

Most feel if they are on the receiving end and just getting oral sex, whether it's same sex or not then they are not gay. Something is truly wrong with that way of thinking.

The down low secret sex has to stop! The next generation will not even be able to experience sex or the beauty of clean and safe love making if everyone is diseased up by then.

Safe sex must come back to the forefront, and that starts with honesty to every partner involved.

This is does not hae to be humanity's epedemic! It's time for the veil of taboo lies and deciet to end. Will the true and real adults participating in this thing we all call life please stand up.  



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