Aug 28th Are Crooks!!!!!

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee

I paid $650USD or more to take my desktop version of my website and make it mobily available to Iphone's Itunes, Androids Google Play, and Blackberrys whatever.(sorry Blackberry but your fading out in my generation and down)

Sadly to say, I have been notified that after a year of complaining and asking Appypie to fix my paid for Ap. (It never worked for Android users, and conked out on Iphone users frequently) I recieved nothing not even an were sorry were on it to fix it.

I finally snap since I have been complaining from January to now August almost September, and I am being told. The real reason my Android ap is not working is because it does not exist any longer?

How can this be, when I paid for a full year, only to be due next January or Febuary at best 2015?

And better yet why was I not notified?

I have lost hundreds of users who would have and who have tried to download my Ap to no avail.

And although this company acts as if they can afford to be sued by me, I find it highly doubtful they have such high end clients, that they can take not only a lawsuit, but the world knowing they are a sham company not at the least in the know on what they are doing!

The most offensive part in all of this is, when I was creating my Ap with this company, eager to take my money they were easy to reach by email, chat and phone.

And now that they have seemingly made a most horrible and hurtful mistake, to my websites downfall it seems I have paid the price for poor services rendered.

A warning to the public, Do Not Use At All!

Jul 17th

Yo! Your Shirt Sucks! But then again, look who's wearing it..........

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee
image.jpgSince when did it become morally right to bash a race in any fashion? And since when is race baiting, ever fashionable? Recently it came to my attention that a blonde bubble head took a picture in a shirt labeled arrest all black babies? The picture has caused a huge stir as it went viral on Facebook and viewers went nuts!!
The t shirt merely reflects what most non African Americans are thinking, and whether they say it or not, most feel the world would be a much better place without black people in it.
The simple question is why? Why is it fair game, to suggest that all African American people, are criminal simply because of skin color?
Why is it that African American men and women are seemingly despised, more so than any other race worldwide? Now this nagging reality, seems to ring true for many other countries as well when it comes to the African American. And one should note, that this is despite all races possessing the ability to create and stir up crime. This is despite many other races participating, plotting and doing horrible acts and deeds and possessing just as bad if not worse behavioral patterns as well, toward fellow mankind.?
Why wish us to incarceration, imprisonment and sadness my melanin deficient friend? More importantly what is your profession? Because if you feel this way about black people anyone black that you work for or around, are in jeopardy!
Are your words so bodly displayed on your shirt, saying to the world, African Americans should be denied the right and entitlement to " Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness"? And how so should that happen if you wish the African Americans to prison, as soon as they are born into this world?
You and your way of thinking, woman in the picture, is what's wrong with America! And thinkers like you are the true reason why titles such as African American are in existence. As an African American I am aware of the many mixtures this country swirled, ya know back when this good old new world was forming. And having never been to nor knowing anyone in Africa, why then is my title simply not American? If this is the soil I was born on, and it is, then my title should stand true to my countries name and not a further extension should be added, buts thats another dig for another time.
And by the way your shirt sucks !
Jul 4th

Legalizing Weed Was The Best Thing Denver Ever Did!

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee
image.jpgSix months on, Colorado’s marijuana shops are mushrooming, with support from local consumers, weed tourists and federal government taking a wait-and-see attitude.

Tax dollars are pouring in, crime is down in Denver, and few of the early concerns about social breakdown have materialized – at least so far.

“The sky hasn’t fallen, but we’re a long way from knowing the unintended consequences,” said Andrew Freeman, director of marijuana coordination for Colorado. “This is a huge social and economic question.”

In the first four months, marijuana sales amounted to more than $202 million, about a third of them recreational. Taxes from recreational sales were almost $11 million.

So further down the line, we are still seeing that the benefits outweight the risks. Hell they've only had two deaths attributed to this and anybody who knows anything about pot will tell you that those people died of idiocy, not pot smoking. I would also venture a guess there were more than 2 alcohol or other drug related deaths in the same time frame.

In any case, crime is down, revenue is up.
Jun 14th

Momma's Babies, Poppa's Maybe??

By Kat spice
When will we as human beings realize that it takes more than one individual to successfully raise children? I am not speaking on single parents who have been forced into the issue through circumstances beyond their control like death, drug addiction or the other parent blatantly refusing to play a part in the child's life. The parents who spitefully restrict visitation and wage emotional war on the parent in opposition, for whatever the personal reason is, should really consider what they are doing to the kids. Many kids feel torn between choosing one parent or the other and some even feel responsible for the turmoil. Don't get me wrong there are instances where parents are toxic to their children and in the cases where they are doing more harm than good, visitation should be restricted until this person has matured enough to offer some type of positive influence. The children are our future and the way they observe how you treat people will affect how they treat others.  This is not just a parenting issue but a moral issue that will be embedded in their subconscious, often without knowledge until well into adult years. Some parents opt to stay together even if they despise the other parent just for the sake of the kids. This is an awesome sacrifice, just be sure that the opposition doesn't spill into the air, too often as kids see this and sometimes actually use it to their advantage and then you have created a manipulator. Parenting doesn't come with instructions but it is never too late to change as a person for the betterment of yourself and your kids.  If you are a parent who is guilty of lashing out at the other parent for your own personal reasons then it is time you start acting like an adult. Too often parents rely on "do as I say" when they will always "do as you do". It is natural for kids to mimic their parents. The more aware you are of this, the less likely you are to be erratic in their presence. Be thankful that the other parent is still alive and able to be a part of the child's life because some others aren't so lucky. Salute to ALL the parents that actively participate in their child's life.home-image.jpg
Jun 4th

Are you ladies really surprised or nah?

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee
For a while now guys have been choosing to pick their male counterparts for company over there women, children and work. I find it no shock that any city where the incarceration rate is high, has also a high downlow community as well as a high HIV rate to go along with it.

We must understand that once someone is familiar with something, they will continue to do it. So if a man was getting down with another man in jail or prison, best believe that man is still going to get down when he gets free.
And most times this is regardless to whether he has access to a female or not.

Most feel if they are on the receiving end and just getting oral sex, whether it's same sex or not then they are not gay. Something is truly wrong with that way of thinking.

The down low secret sex has to stop! The next generation will not even be able to experience sex or the beauty of clean and safe love making if everyone is diseased up by then.

Safe sex must come back to the forefront, and that starts with honesty to every partner involved.

This is does not hae to be humanity's epedemic! It's time for the veil of taboo lies and deciet to end. Will the true and real adults participating in this thing we all call life please stand up.  
Jun 4th

Blog Comment To: You Like Men Or Nah?

By Kat spice
Tasha : A lot of women who only deal with the "Get Money Type" know them men be booty bandits. They are so thirsty for the money that they either ignore it or just don't care. I'm in a relationship with two men whom are both together behind closed doors but with me in pubic. We have sex and sometimes all together. It's actually a turn on to see them go at each other. They take care of me and my children. They have done more for my children than either of their sperm donors have. I live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood my kids attend great schools and they want for nothing. For who ever reads this, don't judge me, at least I know who they are having sex with and that we are all safe. For them women who give me odd looks when I'm out with the guys and they both show me all the attention, it is you that I feel sorry for. Give your man the option to be open and honest and just maybe they will. I like that this site has important issues and I can tell my side of the story. I haven't watched Bad boy videos before but I will now. Will you please read this so everyone will know there is other ways around this down low mess.
 What is your thoughts on this??  
Jun 3rd

You Like Men Or Nah?

By Kat spice
Richmond's H.I.V. rates are the highest in the country. The Health Dept. recognizes this epidemic as a direct result of men having sex with other men most of which are on the down low. It is anyone's choice in this world but consequences of your actions will always catch up. Honesty is always the best policy. Peoples lives hang in the balance without ever having a clue. I am not judging anyone for their preference but at least be upfront and give your partner, wife, mother of your kids the option to decide if they want to be apart of what you got going on.  The last thing a woman should  ever have to question is if the man she lays beside is having sex with another man. I have my own theory of signs about men and there sexual preference but this new breed got their go hard face on but conversing with a transexual after informing them that the pretty face chick with nice breast has a penis like they do.  Conversations were posted on a FB page along with pictures of these men. The local transexual  exposed a multitude of Richmond area men, ages 18-59.  Needless to say a lot of ladies were shocked at the young faces of men they knew. There is a special guest appearance on Ghetto Gossip this Friday at 9pm.  Channel 95 & 36 . Feel free to comment below. I have included some links about how to tell if your man is gay. Be safe! Stay Tuned!
Jun 1st

Snow Bunny Or Nah??

By Kat spice
They want A-1 credit and a chick to go get it. I go get it for me and mines don't know what part of that was for you when you should have been helping me build this empire too instead  you over there working on a coo. He started out as prince charming I was his everything, his baby, his darling. Now you got me twisted, none of this was listed in your expectations you thought i was go take care of you, nah that was just speculation. I am a strong woman and a mother first I suggest you get up on your own and get back in church. I'm not what you prayed for but who you preyed on now I'm moving on and you lost out on love, loyalty, and your 3 hots and a cot.
Not Your Snow Bunny 
A little poetic justice sent in by my awesome faithful viewer VAL.snow_bunny_5__myself__by_pancake598-d5ktoe8.jpg
May 31st

It's Never Too Late To Become Who You've Always Wanted To Be

By Kat spice
One of the most influential women of my lifetime has passed away. Her poetry and words are circling the world today. Maya Angelou was an Aries by zodiac and a Phenomenal woman by choice. Her literary works included some of the best heart felt words of wisdom I have ever read. Most people knew her for her love of language but the most intricate part of who she was the story before the story. She was a stripper and ran a brothel way before she reinvented herself through her love of language. She recited her poetry for Presidents and knew Dr. King personally. Her accomplishments would fill this entire page. Never once did she allow her past to dictate her future. This in itself empowers women across the globe. Circumstances can be overcome and the only thing holding you back is YOU. When I seen a post saying THOTs will be posting her quotes like they live by them, I had to speak on it. No one can judge you in this world, we all have fallen short of the glory. If you take nothing else from her determination : It is never too late to become who you've always wanted to be. IMG_1715.JPG