Jul 7th

Caitlyn Jenner & The Espys Arthur Ashe Award for Courage

By Sweet Mocha

For a while now I've heard that the Espys have decided to present Caitlyn Jenner, the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage and I've had this debate on how exactly I felt about it. Then one day while listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show they spoke on it and I honestly agreed with what they, mostly Steve, had to say about the subject. I by no means am against anyone doing and being what they want to be, please do what you have to to be happy with yourself and for yourself but I do not think that changing your sex is worthy of such an award. If thats the case then there are so many others that do it daily that should get it. We have people who are severely injured or give their lives daily for the rest of us to live the way that we want to, those are the ones worthy of the award. Their are people how fight daily for our rights that are criticized and abused, people who stand & fight against descrimination and unfair treatment, people who fight for fairness amongst the races that are more worthy of this award. Being courageous is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc without fear (according to the dictionary.com definition), So my question (according to that definition) is, what makes Caitlyn Jenner worthy of the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage? She has not done anything different from thousands of other transgender persons. Is it because of who she used to be? Is is because of the accomplishments & notarity of her former self that she is being given such an honor? That is the only conclusion that I can come up with that would make this even a faint of sense. Again I say, CONGRATS CAITYLN JENNER FOR MAKING A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, but that does not seem worthy enough to me that she should be give the honor of receiving the Arthur Ashe Award of Courage. Her life change has done nothing for the betterment of all people as a whole, someone whose actions does that is someone that should receive such an award. 


The above statement is my views and opinions on this subject and is not necessarily the views and opinions of everyone on the BHBE staff. Any comments or responses should be directed toward me, Sweet Mocha.

Jun 27th

Kiss My Grass, Weekly Broadcast!

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee

Emergency Broadcast System

Is it me or is the so called weekly broadcast service announcements broadcasting alot. And by alot, I mean A LOT! See dear Bricksters, it is one thing to have a scheduled broadcast once a month, once a week even for the safety of the people and testing purposes. But the broadcast I have witnessed recently have been testing and ruining cable television multiple times nightly!

Thats right nightly!

And to add injury to insult, the system that is being used to cut programs in half has never once worked to serve to warn the people of anything!

Most people turn to the news or radio for emergency broadcast, so why is my paid for cable programs being interrupted four times a night for loud, screeching beeps and an outdated kidnapping sounding guy, announcing the same writting being written on the screen. (Just in case we did not see it the first three times)

It is one thing to subject the people to monthly testing, but when you are invading, my television space more than once, every night, then we the people have the right to ask the fair question WHY?

What is going to happen here on American soil, that the emergency system feels the need to pre warn us, multiple times on a daily basis?

Answers are now needed, since your persistance in broadcasting your sirens persist at an alarming rate. 

Feb 4th

Dont Come For Me Honey, I Did Not Send For Stupid

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee

Screenshot_2015-02-03-23-32-57.pngI had the wonderful displeasure recently, of running into the most annoying little cyber hoodrat one has ever encountered. My story goes as such. I saw one very interesting post on social networking giant Facebook, and decided to chime in my two cents, ala the comments section for the post.

Now instead of the person whom posted the post being insulted by me, I found it odd that a mere commentor would decide to attack me for using my right to agree.

Now let us all just.........pause for a mere second. For I have never seen a post get a bunch of sour faced bitches so rilled up in my life!!!! The post basically hinted at women needing to do beter, and that we as women should not choose to birth more than one child into this world when you barely make 7.45 an hour.

Now to all of y viewers, this post makes sense, and is very logical and common sense. However I am guessing, that post was quite a few peoples shoe size, and they therefore did not want to wear that dirty shoe.

In any event, a one very stupid young girl decided to single and @ me by the name of ( Angel Rose ) she felt my response was bullshit, since I agreed with the poster and I truly figured this poor little child was slow (You know special needs maybe?)

But no. I did a little digging and found out little miss Rose's life was almost identical to the post. I saw that she has three children and from the looks of her post, she has no place to live and stays with friends. To make it even worse instead of her focusing on school or a better job, she chooses to battle on different social media websites, shameful dear really.

I felt a twinge of guilt for this POOR little wench, and attempted to explain why I had sided with the original poster
But instead of this little ratchet understanding, my response was met with sarcasm, and the little wench going full blast on her page about me, the poster and anyone who agreed on the post.

If that was not enough, she attempted to friend request me in hopes of further Internet fighting, seeing that the original poster blocked her dingy arsenal from her account and the post mentioned , however Mrs Brick does not converse with peasentries or fools, and baby girl you are both.

So here is a little advice dear, do better.

From the looks of things your situation truly sucks. There is no right way to have children, but the wrong way entirely would be to keep birthing them as you are doing, without any means at all to take care of those children.

Do you think it fair for your children to recieve partial healthcare, simply because they are on a state funded program such as medicaid? And just who do you think is paying for your dear, sticky faced ( do you wash them?) children, since it is quite obvious you are not the payee? hmmmmm, liability liability.

You would be a boss chick if your mentality went past a nikki minaj song or hip hop quote, but hell even Nikki agree's that bitches like you are the exact reason the economy is so screwed up.

Every tax paying citizen is paying for your children, so our two cents does count, like it or not. What will you do when the programs stop? How will your children eat when the government no longer feeds them? And are they even your children at all, if the government pays, clothes and medically treats your children?

You should be lucky someone cares enough to tap you on the shoulder and say do better.  It is however, mich to to bad your to much of a dumb, bitter, small minded bird to notice any of that at all.

And with this ending your dismissed, unless your brain somehow finds a way to comphrehend what was being shot out to you to begin with.

I told you that I was not what you wanted correct? Now go, run along little dingy and tell all of your little girlfriends I said. " Never come for me unless I actually send for you boo"

Now go peel my grapes since your dumb ass like to work for little or nothing and thats ok with you.

Jan 29th

Amazing Artist Alert: Duke U A Fool

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee


Richmond rapper “Duke U A Fool“delivers the goods, and boy is it good. One drop of his hit “Tell Me What You Want 2k14” will have you instantly reminiscing of summer days of old when rap music still made sense, and the lyrics had substance.

With beats designed to make you want to get up and do something. Duke manages to tread a line in his music, blending gangsta with a party, its sure to be a good time if his music is played during one of your parties or club ventures.


Whoever said gangsters do not have soul, never heard Dukes music! “Somewhere In Richmond” is a soulful ballad Duke has created showcasing his lyrical skills, laced tight over a skilled soulful beat your sure to nod your head to.

But hey don’t just take my word for it, cop one of Duke’s latest cd’s or download one of his tracks and sample the truth for yourself.

Contact and booking information for artist: Duke_U_A_Fool is as followed.................


Email: dukeuafoolbooking@gmail.com

IG Name: vizion_foolish
Twitter Name: aka_foolish

Phone # 8046472696
















Dec 11th

Mc Donald's Beef?

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee

As a concerned parent, of small children, I have found myself cringing a few times as a happy meal was purchased and ingested by my kids.

Mc Donald's is not the same. The fries use to be so delicious in the 80's and early 90"s. The burgers were juicy and you only seemed to have to run to the bathroom, if you ate a big mac or an old fish fillet.

The burgers of the current days are small, thin and dry. They taste like card board, and no matter which burger you get, your going to end up in the bathroom hating Mc Donald's.

And dont get me started on their fries! I burned one on a spring day, and it sparked flames at me. I left two outside for a full month and they stayed in the same condition, no change? Seems the food is more lab rat compatinle, than child stomach safe.

In this day and age, where foos is scary to boot, I am glad my children no longer like, or crave nasty Mc Donalds anymore.



Dec 11th

Why Lie About Plastic Surgery?

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee

Just watched the last Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunion. It was a shocker to see so many ladies lie about having surgery on obvious body parts.

I can tell some of the women had butt surgeries, breast enhancements, and screwed up lip jobs. The denial levels involving plastic surgery participants, have reached epic sized portions. And I for one, have no appetite for whatever lie soup they all seem to be serving.

Oct 22nd

The Smell of Betrayal by Taneshia Franklin

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee

“I hate riding this subway” I thought as I boarded the number seven car and was immediately shoved into the wall adjacent to the loading doors. Everything seemed so dirty and mechanical, so subways were my least favorite place to frequent.

I felt my back burn as my skin made contact with the cold, hard metal and I cringed as my left foot slid into something wet and slimy. I wanted to die; it felt strange to be riding on this subway when I had just received a brand new car for my seventeenth birthday yesterday.xml:namespace prefix = o />

Despite the filth, I made my way towards the back of the car and pushed the door for the bathroom located in the back of the subway car.

“Mama has such high hopes for me” I thought as I took my heavy backpack off my shoulders and placed it gently on the floor.

I unzipped my pants and pulled them down I knew using this small bathroom would be tricky in my condition but I managed as best I could.

The subway lurched and shook as it made its way around a corner swiftly and I had to balance myself to keep from falling as I stood in a squat position over the toilet.

“It felt like forever” as my stomach burned from all the pressure my bathroom moment was heaping on it, but I managed.

It smelled like death, inside the small bathroom as my bodily fluids exited my body and I prayed I would finish swiftly least I would pass out from the stench alone.

I wiped myself and flushed the toilet careful to wrap my business in the towel I had brought with me inside my backpack, I placed a sanitary napkin inside my panties and pulled my pants up.

I used my own hand sanitizer and then wiped my hands on my jeans to dry them.

I picked up my backpack and placed it back on my shoulders before I pushed the bathroom door open and made my exit.

I got off at the next stop.

It took me awhile to gather my bearings at this point but I felt like I had to get as far away from the subway as possible.

I made my way through the subway station and felt like everyone was staring at me, pointing and crinkling up their noses at the horrible smell that I was sure was now following me.

I wanted to run but the pain was more than I could bear, so I settled for walking briskly down the subway corridor to reach the stairs leading to the outside world.

I walked carefully up the stairs and felt the intense heat scorch my skin as I exited the subway station and started my walk down the sidewalk.

I saw a sign describing an exhibit being featured at the museum on the corner so I decided to go there.

I smelled like I belonged in a zoo.

Would the scent ever leave? I was too embarrassed to make contact with the girl selling tickets so I tried to sneak inside with a crowd of people

I walked in successfully and immediately tried to blend in with the flow of people that filled the museums lobby.

As I walked over to the exhibit I noticed two police officers entering the museum and I nervously looked the other way.

I tried to walk away as the police officers rushed towards me and yelled out for me to freeze where I was standing.

Defeated I sat down on the bench in front of me and a tear slid down my cheek as the two officers reached me and told me I was under arrest for abandoning my newborn infant in the subway bathroom.

The two officers told me that a passenger had discovered the baby when they had entered the bathroom car and that in a New York minute the subways video had recorded me as entering the bathroom at the time the baby would have been left there.

Street videos showed me walking in a hurt manner and sneaking inside the museum where I was apprehended at present.

As I entered the police car I smelled the snitching smell of the placenta I had placed in my backpack and winced as the officers placed the bag in their trunk for evidence.

As we drove away towards the police station I couldn’t help but think how my mother had such high hopes for me.

Aug 28th

RoseWholsale.Com Buyers BEWARE SCAM!!!

By TaneshiaBrick aka Songbirdnee

I will not say it is one hundred percent fake, however I will digress and state that I, Taneshia Franklin forked over Three Hundred hard earned dollars to this sham of a store/company? (I am still a bit confused as to which one it actually is, because the lines are a bit blurry) and I only recieved a small part of my order, it was months late despite me paying expidited shipping and handling, and all of the clothing that was sent was poorly made.

And when I say poorly made I mean horrible!!!! Bump what you see on YouTube.com with the chubby happy girls, squeezing into their freebies because RoseWholesale.com seemingly shipped them not only the perfect order, but also threw in a few free extras just to appease their client oh so well. Nope! That is far from what I have experienced, when I have come to know RoseWholeScam.com

For starters, my clothing in the pictures fit a very slim chinese or japanese woman very loosely. And I know American women tend to be more bigger and taller boned than Asian women. That is why I had my very small meager 80lb ten year old, asian mixed daughter try on the clothing.

Nothing Fit!!!!!!

Major grrrrs and I mean really???? The supposedly sash on one of the outfits would barely serve as a headband or pony tail holder at best.( it should be noted that even an anorexic asian, would NOT be able to wear this sash sent to me around their waist comfortably. I challenge anyone at the company to wear this sash and prove it as one and the same or even close to what is advertised and pictured!

I ordered shirts that arrived crooked, thread popping out. Dresses that arrived falling apart, some that could only fit my four year olds my size Barbie Doll by Mattel. ( So I guess its safe to say that Korea, where I found the company is truly located and operating from. Thinks American women are the size of a toddlers life sized doll! )

Again I challenge someone from the RoseWholeSale.com team to try on my dresses provided and show me where it is supposed tofit an adult/teen/child properly?

I contacted RoseWholeSCAM.com about my shipment being #1 delayed although I payed for epress. And also I wanted to know #2 Where the rest of my damn order had gone to without explanation or notification and #3 Why the clothing was so poorly made?

I demanded to ship and return the items to which I was met with the most exuberant fees one has witnessed in a long time. (screw inflation this is robbery!)

After battling DHL for weeks and many package returns I realized I had been duped and stuck with items I nor wanted or needed. And had not been blessed or cursed with the other items paid for yet, mysteriously vanished, like a Chris Angel show.

After months of harrassing and once again using the magical word of lawsuit to gt attention and show I mean business, I hired a lawyer and I am going through with this suit.

I have recieved a response now as to what transpired with my missing items.

The items missing where simply not in stok, and yet no one notified me at all until I went slam off, and a lawsuit got involved.

Weeks later, my sister is making seamstress alterations at her job, and a woman comes in crying saying her daughter ordered a prom dress from RoseWholeSCAM.com and that the dress came late (A day before prom to be exact desite it being ordered months prior)and when she showed the lump of chiffon styled rags to my sister, she almost fainted from horror (my sister not the woman)

The dress was recut, resewn and remade and RoseWholeSCAM.com made another enemy.

And despite numerous emails from RoseWholeSCAM.com saying they will refund me my money, their have been no refund attempts in now seven months and counting!

This is simply a warning for all of my viewers to avoid the glitzy, well placed and highly appealing advertising. IT IS ALL FAKE!!! And should you do actually aquire any of your order, you will be fooled for the clothing is severely poorly made and you WILL NOT AT ALL GET WHAT IS BEING ADVERTISED IN THE PICTURES ON THE WEBSITE NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!

You All Have Just Been Warned, Stay Away From RoseWholeSale.com IT'S A SCAM!!!!