Oct 31st

How do you do it?

By Mimi

I was asked how I managed to not give up on life when everything seemed to go wrong. Well I just kept in mind that for every bad thing that happened something good would come of it, as long as I kept trying and pushed away the negative thoughts.

Even when it seems like everything you do is for nothing just keep your ultimate goal in mind and never lose sight of it. As long as you do that everything you do matters and you will achieve your goal.

Feb 11th

Diddy Reportedly Closing Bad Boy Records For Good?

By Logik
Word on the street is, Sean Combs is closing down Bad Boy Records in the very near future. While some of us are old enough to remember Bad Boy in their heyday, a la Biggie, Ma$e, Total, 112, Faith Evans, and even Craig Mack, it's no real secret that Bad Boy has less than stellar success with other artist, such as Danity Kane, Day 26, The Band ( I know, right?), and a few others. While Mr. Combs will be putting his considerable energies into his new Revolt Television venture, you kinda have to ask yourself, "Is this the end of an era?"

I mean, we all, whether we want to admit it or not, we all shook a tail feather or two to some of the music that came from the Bad Boy hit factory. Diddy and company have fueled many a high school and middle school dance,  many a college party, and even a few awkward and not so awkward back seat sessions. So the question is, "Who's next?" . What brave entrepenuerial soul will brave the failing music industry to fill that void? With the rising tide of cookie cutter artist releasing material on an almost weekly schedule, it's hard to imagine a roster of artist that are consolidated in their total efforts, yet unique enough tobe seen as an entity of their own. Say what you will, but in it's heyday, Bad Boy records was THE GO TO for getting parties started. As Diddy closes those doors for the last time, I'm hoping either he hands the keys off to the next crew, or someone will be setting up shop across the street. Only time will tell...
Feb 18th

I am a person not a crayon

By KeishaDelynn
It appears that many people are caught up in the so called color me stage these days. I am one of these type of people that will not under any means call or label myself as a crayon in a coloring box. I am an African,Dominican, Indian, American I am not "Black". In fact my shade of skin is tan our Indian corn color. 

A man wanted to debate me on this issue and this is my reason why I do not state that I am "Black".
 1) First and far most "Black" is not a cultrue it is clearly a color which is dark and I am not dark skinned at all. The world in it self has some of the foulest means of all the colors as well. If you take the term  "black" as and adjective the meaning is being replied as: the very darkest color owing to  the absence of or complete absorption of light. A period of time in which characterized by tragic events causing despare or pessimism. Also it is stated in the Oxford as being unknown. So with them as being the outline for the world "Black" I for one do not carry any of these characters in my DNA so therefore I can not be black. 

2) You are what your DNA can be traced too, my roots can be trace to countries not a crayon company. There is not nation called black, there is not one state in which is called Black nor is the an flag for it race. There is not one black race smiply because there is not a such thing call Black DNA. In order for Black to be a race it has to be assocaited with a country in which it comes from. I am American not a blackan I am Dominican and once again that is not Blackan either.

Now do I love my race is a question I do hear alot, to answer this question yes I do. Nevertheless, my race is not even black. My race is African-American. I love everything about my race I lov emy skin and my color in which my skin color once again is not black. We have been told through out histroy that you are black by the slave  owners. The reason for this was to allow us an African that was stolen and brought to the New lands which later became known as America, that we are black, to delete our histroy to dismiss our culture, to dehuman us from known where we come from.  It amazed me that we are the only race that will true on each other faster than a speeding bullet which this to comes from the pasted. How do you think we became slaves in the first place.
So to say I am black which is a color with many foul meanings I will say that I am not. I do not even check the termm Black when it is asked on an application. I check others because that is what I am not. 
Jun 4th

Blog Comment To: You Like Men Or Nah?

By Kat spice
Tasha : A lot of women who only deal with the "Get Money Type" know them men be booty bandits. They are so thirsty for the money that they either ignore it or just don't care. I'm in a relationship with two men whom are both together behind closed doors but with me in pubic. We have sex and sometimes all together. It's actually a turn on to see them go at each other. They take care of me and my children. They have done more for my children than either of their sperm donors have. I live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood my kids attend great schools and they want for nothing. For who ever reads this, don't judge me, at least I know who they are having sex with and that we are all safe. For them women who give me odd looks when I'm out with the guys and they both show me all the attention, it is you that I feel sorry for. Give your man the option to be open and honest and just maybe they will. I like that this site has important issues and I can tell my side of the story. I haven't watched Bad boy videos before but I will now. Will you please read this so everyone will know there is other ways around this down low mess.
 What is your thoughts on this??  
Nov 29th

Government Assistance

By Mimi

What do you think about the new rules they have put down to qualify for SNAP benefits? You have to work a minimum of 80 hrs/mth in order to qualify. When you apply they give you 3 months to find a job and if you don't they cut you off then when you go to reapply they deny you because you not working enough. There are lots of people and going hungry for stupid reasons. Right or wrong? What do you think?

Feb 11th

What Have You Done Today?

By Logik

 We all have dreams and aspirations, but what have you been doing to achieve them? And I don't mean long term goals, but I mean right now? To achieve your goals people, you have to live the goal, and align your everyday actions in order to achieve these things. Don't make the mistake of thinking you have time. You will get into the habit of always thinking you have time, and time is guarenteed to no one. If you want to achieve that goal, then you simply have to get up and do it, but you must get up. Set a time table for small goals related to your ultimate goal, and follow that time table. You may not be able to take it all on at once, but knock out each small step on the way, and you will get there. A wise man was once asked "How do you eat an entire elephant?" 
 He replied, " One spoonful at a time...'
                                                                                           1 Luh ;-)


Jun 1st

Snow Bunny Or Nah??

By Kat spice
They want A-1 credit and a chick to go get it. I go get it for me and mines don't know what part of that was for you when you should have been helping me build this empire too instead  you over there working on a coo. He started out as prince charming I was his everything, his baby, his darling. Now you got me twisted, none of this was listed in your expectations you thought i was go take care of you, nah that was just speculation. I am a strong woman and a mother first I suggest you get up on your own and get back in church. I'm not what you prayed for but who you preyed on now I'm moving on and you lost out on love, loyalty, and your 3 hots and a cot.
Not Your Snow Bunny 
A little poetic justice sent in by my awesome faithful viewer VAL.snow_bunny_5__myself__by_pancake598-d5ktoe8.jpg
Jun 3rd

You Like Men Or Nah?

By Kat spice
Richmond's H.I.V. rates are the highest in the country. The Health Dept. recognizes this epidemic as a direct result of men having sex with other men most of which are on the down low. It is anyone's choice in this world but consequences of your actions will always catch up. Honesty is always the best policy. Peoples lives hang in the balance without ever having a clue. I am not judging anyone for their preference but at least be upfront and give your partner, wife, mother of your kids the option to decide if they want to be apart of what you got going on.  The last thing a woman should  ever have to question is if the man she lays beside is having sex with another man. I have my own theory of signs about men and there sexual preference but this new breed got their go hard face on but conversing with a transexual after informing them that the pretty face chick with nice breast has a penis like they do.  Conversations were posted on a FB page along with pictures of these men. The local transexual  exposed a multitude of Richmond area men, ages 18-59.  Needless to say a lot of ladies were shocked at the young faces of men they knew. There is a special guest appearance on Ghetto Gossip this Friday at 9pm.  Channel 95 & 36 . Feel free to comment below. I have included some links about how to tell if your man is gay. Be safe! Stay Tuned!