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Sun, Feb 9 2014 01:07am EST 1
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Welcome to Brick House Body Entertainment

These are our rules of 2-9-14

Read this before posting

1.Treat others like you want to be treated (No bulling will be tolerated on this website,If You are caught bullying you will be warned,If you are warned twice than it will be a interfraction.) Two Interfractions and Your banned....

2.Do not multi post ( example,You post a thread,no one comment you post bump so people can see the thread,If you cant get anyone to comment,than smam the link somewhere,dont be a loser and bump it,If you are caught doing this you will be warned simple as that...) if countiunes interfraction

3.Do not smam post (Example Posting dsadsadffasnfdnsafa multiple times,or just posting asdnasaodnoasnd
[you will be warned if you countiune interfraction]

4. All bad stuff must have 18+ In the thread title anyone who breaks this will be banned on site or Illegal stuff on this site....... ( we dont want to get locked up ) automatic ban

5.This is the system
warn - your only thing to tells you to chill
Warning - you did something bad stop it
2 warns - interfraction
2 interfractions - ban

this is all for now -BHBE
[Last updated 2.9.14]
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