Welcome To The Brick Consultant&Retail Section.

Brick House Brick House Body Beauty&Bundles Club!!!!

Welcome to the Brick House Body Beauty&Bundles Consultant program.

As a consultant you have the safety of knowing your a part of a very, lucrative growing empire!.

The "Hair Extension" industry is currently worth $500k, and with reported earnings projecting a steady revenue with a cap of up to 50Billion in the next fifteen fiscal years, now would be the true entreprenual way, to ensure your piece of that earned weatlh! 

By joining and selling with the "Brick Bundles Brand" you are signing on to share your passion, drive, time and creativity towards building solid roots with your Brick Body Business to ensure longevity and success, as well as getting to know other members on the Brick Body team.

Brick wants you to succeed! And there is no limit to the lengths Brick will extend to ensure your success is acheived.

By following the "Brick Body Brand" model, you gain instant insight into the hair extension selling world. You have a solid base to display to your clients, as well as backing of prices by way of the Brick Body main ecommerce system. 

As an independant consultant for "The House Of Bricks Beauty" products your prices will almost always be based on tier rates agreed on, however as a "Brick Hair Extensions consultant" you have the right to resell, as well as advertise your Brick House Body Extensions to your clients at whatever price you desire. However in such a competitive and very wide selling world of virgin hair sales, Brick advises that you stay in the advised wholesale price mentioned in your welcoming packet which is the Brick Body Brand model suggested.

Brick will always have your back as family should, the Brick House Body staff is available to help guide each consultant towards the path of successful and confidant salesmanship.

You are only as great as you promote! With this being mentioned, get active on your independant webpage provided to you in your membership plan, utilize the webpage and use it in conjunction with "The House Of Brick" Beauty website to obtain maximum selling potential per client. Practice social skills as well as with your sales approach and pitch. Your selling will be only as good as you are at truly beliving in your product you are selling. Afraid to approach a salon or pitch a sale? Brick will update this section weekly with tips and advice to ensure your sales are tuning into perfection, as well as work with associates as needed personally to ensure starting and continual success.

We are family! So no matter how great your sales are going, there is always room for one more to eat. So extend the Brick branch and invite a friend in another zone of your state, to team up with you and earn money selling with Brick.

As the Brick House Body Empire grows, we encourage you to showcase your inner you! You are with the Brick House Body brand, but you are always your own essence. Let your Brick approach reflect you in the most creative way imagined. And most of all, its enough states in America and beyond for everyone to eat wonderfully, so get to it and get money!

We truly enjoy having you here as a Brick House Body family member, and will truly enjoy watching our family grow!.



Brick House Body Entertainment,: The House Of Brick Beauty,: Brick Body Bundles Ceo(Taneshia Franklin.)



Purchase Your Brick House Body Bundles Virgin Hair Extension Consultant Package Here!

BrickBecome A Brick House Body Bundles Virgin Hair Extension Consultant Today! 

Here at Brick we view our clients as family, and as a family we wish to see our family grow and prosper! 

Brick is now offering intro packages allwoing you to sell our wholesale extensions at your own desired price!

Bricks intro package includes 25 10A Bundles of mixed sizes between 50-100 grams, if resold at Bricks very competitive pricing of $75 per bundle you stand to make $1,875!!!! However your virgin bundles are yours to sell at whatever price you desire, and therefore the earning cap potential is and can be higher than projected earnings quoted.

Bricks intro package for the 2015 year cycle is a mere $400.00USD to enter and be inducted into our consultant program. 

Once you have joined the Brick House Body Virgin Bundles team, you will recieve your stock of (25) 10A virgin hair bundles, a welcoming package and your very own exclusive online consultant page live on the Brick House Body Network. 

You also gain access to exclusive sales and discounted hair stock not available to the public or Brick House clients.

Overall, you will earn a place in the Brick House Body Empire, you will become a part of the family and grow as Brick grows gaining access as well as residual income with one of the fastest companies on the market to date!

So what are you waiting for? Come join and become a part of the Brick House Body Virgin Bundles Family Today!!!!



October Brick Beauty&Bundles Bonanza Sale!

Brick saleBrick Bundles 25% Off Sale!! 

Effective October 1-15 Brick will run a 25% sale on all 50gram Brick Bundles offered no matter the brand,grade or style! 

As a consultant you have the right to cash in on this sale and adjust your buttons to reflect this sale for your customers. If you do not wish to enjoy the benefits of this sale, please leave a messege with Either Taneshia,Kathy or Victor with a simple reply of opt out and a sales redirect logo will be placed on your page, properly directing the clients to the main Brick sales page.

All Sales ads for this promotion are to be taken down effectively on October 16th 9pm EST. So make sure you make the most out of this great sales pitching experience, and cash in on some great fast sales profits!

Its like giving candy to a baby first and last, you will always be the most loved in the game! 

Go ahead Babes and Baes, start cashing in on your Brick sales now!!!!!